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I wouldn't even worry about the list from AWS... My phone is not on the list, Sprint PPC-6700 . I have found a bluetooth stack that makes all the functionality of the phone work. Phonebook, missed and received calls, and outgoing call will all show up on the command. You can even use voice command dialing.

The name of the product is Jetware.. JETware Mobile Software

The build is a beta but Jim should be releasing it in a few weeks. I am extremely pleased with product and their support for the product is great. They have a data logger that logs all communication between the command and the phone and if any problems arise you email the data log to support and they are usually back to you in a day or so...

Anyone that has a smartphone or Windows Mobile 5 phone should definitely check this product out if your phone is not completely syncing with your command...
1 - 2 of 787 Posts
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