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I post this topic for those who put aftermarket brakelights, LED type.

This aftermarket brakelights wer made by Eagle Eyes of Taiwan. As we could expect, the quality is just by far not on par with the original ones. But they look different and unique, that's all.

After a year or so, problem started to emerge. The right tail light and brake light started to flicker, going on and off intermittently, and giving error msg on the cluster. First I thought it was the rsistor box gone bad (since they're LED, they come with resistor box to cancel the warning msg). Tried many things from swapping the resistor box from right to left, changing to new resistors with different values, etc and still the right tail light showing error msg. Until finally I decided to check the regular 5 watt light bulb underneath the LED. The light bulb was old and the lens was kinda burned. So, I replaced with a new one. Voila, the error msg instantly gone. And for insurance, I decided to replace all the bulbs with new ones and to be precise they're all HELLA brand. No compromise.

I hope it's useful.
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