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How to enhance subwoofers in trunk. (Can’t hear them in the cabin)

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Posted this on the audio forum, but maybe this will get more responses as it could be car specific.
Well, I’m a little disappointed because I just transferred over my bass setup from my other car to my 2009 mercedes e350, and it’s wired up perfectly, but I can hardly hear it inside! It’s in the trunk, and my car doesn’t have the fold down seats option. The sound deadening is so heavy back there that it sounds like it didn’t even make a difference. Open the trunk and you can CLEARLY hear it very loud and rattle anything it wants, but it feels stock while sitting in the drivers seat.

Has anybody else had this happen, and how did you fix it? Can I remove the sound deadening to let it travel through, and where would this be (W211 chassis)? Perhaps I need better sound deadening around the trunk seals? Would really appreciate some advice, I’m extremely disappointed.
Thank you in advance.
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Apply steeper crossover AND allow air pressure to cross from the trunk into the car
Cross with 24dB and keep the rear speakers. Don't cut into anything but the rear deck. You may experiment first by temporarily removing the rear speakers but it won't take much of an opening if you cross it at 24dB/....

And play with frequency cut off. I recommend you start at 80Hz and keep going down....
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