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How to disable DRLs in a 05 ML350

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I own a 2005 ML350. Long story short the car was bought by my parents in PA, than a few months later they moved to Canada while I stayed in PA. Canadian laws forced them to get DRLs. A few months ago they sold me the car. Now for some reason my fog lights didnt work. Thought bad bulbs so I spent over $100 on new bulbs yet still nothing, they dont turn on. After searching I found out that DRLs disable fog lights (is this true?) so I want to get rid of them. I know I can just go to a local dealer but the MB in my area quoted $500 (can you believe that??) and local mechanics dont even want to touch MB electronics (not 1 mechanic wanted to install an AUX into it saying "too many complications")

Anyways back on topic, can I remove them? I still plan on using lights in the day, I simply dont like my fog lights disabled since Driving from work involves me driving down a pitch black road in a marsh, so dark even full headlights dont improve visibility all too well due to the heavy fog. Anyways is there a fuse I can yank out or something I can do? I dont even care about removing DRLs I simply want my fog lights to work again
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