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How to check the driveshaft

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Is is possible to tell whether your driveshaft is balanced without removing it? Can you be sure all brackets and supports are OK just by eyeballing them?

I'm interested in vibrationless high speed driving.

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Just discovered this posting - excellent!

Was driving at 115Km/Hr last night on the freeway (our speed limit here, though sometimes I push it like the car likes) :-D and noted the high speed vibration.

My immediate thoughts were:

a. The rear tyres are shot - all tyres being replaced this week.
b. Wheels need a balance and alignment badly - especially after a lower ball joint replacement last week. Again, all this is being addressed this week, so I'll test this theory and report back.

My trusted mechanic I would think would have pointed out bad flex discs or other concerns already upon last inspection, so I don't think I have any concerns there...
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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