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How much should I sell this 300ce body kit on ebay for?

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I'm not sure what body kit this is. It's in good condition other then the paint being worn off the rear bumper and the spoiler being a little slumped.

What kind of bodykit is this and what price should I list? Also, what size are the rims?

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Rear bumper/spoiler look Lorinser, front bumper looks like a Gen II AMG but we really need better pictures. Side skirts look stock.
Extra picture of front has been added. Will take a picture of sides skirts tomorrow. What price would you set all of this so far?
Since you just bought this car for under $1000 5 days ago, have you decided it is a POS?
No. I figured if I only paid $950 for it, I could turn a profit with parts. The BBS rims alone are selling around $1200-$1500 used on ebay and that's not even including shipping
Are the rims selling at those prices or are those "listed" prices?

Also, be kind enough to complete your profile. It's the least you could do.
Yes they are selling at those prices

Here's one that sold for $1900

If I can sell these rims anywhere near these amounts (which they will sell, cause they're quite rare), I've already got my money back, plus a little more. And then when you add in body kit parts, that puts my profit through the roof!
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1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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