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First of all, a heartfelt thanks to all who contribute and draw water from this well called Benzworld. My happy existence is made better by driving and caring for my 2 tractors;1982 300TD/1984 300SD.

My SD, that needs nothing mechanically is being painted/new seals/wheels, etc.

My TD needs some stuff. I am an aspiring DIYer with 100% success to date on my DIY projects.I have no prior mechanic experience. However, I an able to be patient, follow instructions and schematics.

Here my dilemma. Below is a list the work needed. By tentative plan was to pay for the work at my INDY (Gus), an expert/artist on w123s but very $$$$$. I plan to watch the mechanic work on my car to do the repairs on the engine.

1. Replace glow plugs with new wire end nuts. Use glow plug reamer to remove carbon from pre chambers before installing new glow plugs
2. Install Glow plug relay switch
3. Replace trans mount and motor mounts
4. Replace Valve cover gasket
5. Diesel Purge? (Car runs very well now)
6. Do Valve adjustment
7. Install New Thermostat and gasket
8. Install Master Cylinder Brake Fluid Reservoir Grommet Gasket
9. Check/Tighten front crank bolt
How much should I pay for above work? Which ones are OK for a diy'er? Peace.

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I'm in a similar boat. I have no formal training as a mechanic but take my time and can follow directions.

A Diesel purge is very much a DIY job.

I found the motor mounts to be pretty simple, beyond an already rounded out allen bolt. I was able to get it out using an extractor, though.

I have also done the water pump, radiator and hoses - easy DIY. My thermostat is working well so I haven't done it but it looks like an even easier job than the water pump. Just look up how to test your new one before installing it - they can be defective right out of the box.

In a month or so I'll be doing my valve adjustment and, as part of that job, the valve cover gasket. There are some really great instructions available online and you can even buy special wrenches for less than $20 that are supposed to make it that much easier. Most consider this a very good DIY project. And given the need for it to be done frequently, it's a good one to learn in order to save you some green.

My car had new glow plugs when I bought it so I haven't had to do anything there, but I've read up on it and it seems about the same as doing spark plugs (minus the need to worry about gap) which makes it one the easy end of DIY.

The ones I'm less certain about, and would like to hear from others on, are the glow plug relay, the master cylinder gasket and crank bolt.

Anyway, bottom line is that much of what you mentioned are good projects to cut your teeth on DIY'ing on 123's.
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