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How much am I in for?

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Alright so I need a few small tune up items done and I was wondering if anyone had regards as to general pricing plus your recommended service location.

-Tranny Fluid: Sometimes it can be a little jerky, especially when cold, and even though the car has 41k miles i dont think its ever been replaced.
-Emergency Brake: Anything I can do about it not holding the car well on inclines?
-Brake Job: I just read about those so no advice needed, probably do that myself.
-Airmatic: Are arnotts worth it? Will an indi install arnotts for me if i bring them to him or am I going to end up doing this myself?

thats all I can think of for now.... Thanks for any input!
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without any more details, I can't offer much info.

Tranny fluid should be about $300
E brake probably just needs adjusting, lets call that $115 (1hr of labor)
Brakes? pads and rotors, just pads, front, rear, etc? more info needed.
Front pads only, I'll say $250
Front pads and rotors, $450
All Pads and rotors, $850

Are arnots worth it compared to what? An indy should have no problems installing them.
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