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how many of you never scratched/scraped your bumper?

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I'm prompted to ask by the most horrific experience with bottoming out yet.

I put the car in reverse and heard the scrape, but it was bad. I got out, i see the bumper is starting to 'balloon' out like it's being pulled off. It's stuck on the parking block so as I reversed it got caught and was close to being torn off. I had to go out and 'manually' get the bumper back up so I could get out of there.

Imagine if you put your hand under the bumper and pull it toward you, it was like that.

F***ing parking blocks...:rocketwhore:
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Been careful about the scrapes but got a nasty one when my brother borrowed my car and hang one with his friends late at night. Don't even want to know what happened.:crybaby2:

Nobody allowed to borrow my car now.
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