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How many miles on your GL?

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* Is it a Gas or Diesel?
* How many significant / expensive repairs along the way?
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376,000 miles here, or a bit over 600,000 kilometers. I am not driving as many miles these days, so the milage is not piling on like it used to.

The biggest issue I have had lately is the front airmatic struts failed. They are Arnott units I put on back around 120,000 miles. They have a lifetime guarantee, but their interpretation is that 9 years an 250,000 miles was a lifetime. The rear bags I put on at the same time are still good, however.

Some parts are now being replaced for the second time - I'm on my third alternator, second a/c compressor, third water pump, and probably a few parts I've forgotten.

The car still takes me across the country when required, still gets good mpg, is still very comfortable, and still uses little oil - in fact I seldom add any between oil changes.
1 - 3 of 91 Posts