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How many miles on your GL?

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* Is it a Gas or Diesel?
* How many significant / expensive repairs along the way?
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I bought a 2008 GL 320 CDI a year ago, about 190,000 miles when I started driving it. We replaced the vacuum pump to fix an oil leak, and also because it looked original. My local independent MB mechanic also said the front struts looked brand new, but the front suspension bushings would need replacing soon.
Then we set off on a cross-country excursion from Phoenix to St. Petersburg, FL. Got 16.5 mpg towing a 6'x12' U-haul trailer over the 2500 miles!
Started back home a month later, after a fresh oil change and checkover at the MB Dealer in FL. Nearing the end of day 1, the alternator failed. In the middle of the FL Panhandle. On the record hottest day at the end of July. On a Friday at 5pm.
Tow truck wasn't available, but MB sent a guy to check it out, he said, "Yup, your alternator isn't putting out at all." I asked him about all of the oil that was covering the alternator and that part of the engine. "Yeah, that doesn't look good." Car finally got towed to MB dealer in Dothan, AL on Saturday. Monday, they told me it would be at least a week before they could even look at it. The saga of the trip home for the rest of us is almost worthy of a book.
September, the car finally returned to AZ on a transporter. The MB dealer had replaced the alternator, and a cracked oil filler cap. Hmmm. I just had the oil changed, right before the interrupted trip. Hmmmm...

Anyway, I eventually had the lower front suspension bushings fixed. There was a sudden increase in oil leakage, and the local independent MB guys replaced the oil filter housing, and some seals related to the oil cooler. I now have a persistent Check Engine light, which they think is caused by a turbocharger control module and may necessitate a new/rebuilt turbo and control module.
So far I have 202,500 miles on it, but I don't know if I've reached the point of diminishing returns yet. I like the car and what it can do very much, but my wallet may not be deep enough for the future potential maintenance costs.

Charlie F.
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2008 GL320CDI Update:
Now at 203,500 miles. Still has a CEL, turbo controller malfunction was diagnosed by independent MB shop previously. Now there's absolutely no boost/turbo noise when "attempting" to accelerate. They quoted $3300 to replace the turbo assembly.

I am wondering how wise it is to keep it. Will a new turbo uncover other engine weakness, or a worn out transmission? The indy shop mentioned that the oil cooler eventually leaks, causing an expensive teardown to repair. They also surmise the DPF probably needs cleaning out. What other problems should I look for/save up for?

I got the MB dealer to pull the maintenance history, since it was unknown to me what had been done before my 1.5 years of ownership. Anything specific I should look for there? I don't see much related to the engine or trans in the history.

Thanks in advance,
Charlie F.
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