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How many factory keys? Wheel part number?

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Hi everyone!

I know the early W140s had many keys and extra keys.

How many keys would have come standard with a 97 SL500?
The 2 sliding remote plus a simple valet? Does the number vary (US x Euro market)?

These wheels came with the 98-02 amg pack, does anyone know the exact part number front and rear? Thank You!

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2 flip key
1 valet key
1 master key
1 flat key

don't know about the wheels though.
i know there are different AMG 5 spoke wheels. there are ones with bolts. (the silver rivets i guess) like the ones i have. and ones without. you can find part numbers on the backs of the wheels. should be stamped into the metal.

this scan is from a 95 but as far as i know they are essentially the same.


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yes the bolted style is the SL73 style. i quite like the wheels a lot. a bit of curb damage on them but that is just surface stuff i will get around to fixing one day.

that is quite the jump. here in canada, in 1995 my SL was 122,000 plus taxes. so not quite what it was there. damn, no wonder they are rare. and i am pretty sure they had the 5 keys up until 99. i may be wrong but the car was almost unchanged until 99 when they changed a few things up.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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