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How many factory keys? Wheel part number?

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Hi everyone!

I know the early W140s had many keys and extra keys.

How many keys would have come standard with a 97 SL500?
The 2 sliding remote plus a simple valet? Does the number vary (US x Euro market)?

These wheels came with the 98-02 amg pack, does anyone know the exact part number front and rear? Thank You!

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MercedesTheBest, thank you very much, do you have a pic of those keys? I can't find an image of the non-flip ones.

About the wheels this website seems very complete:

New Used & Refinished Wheels MERCEDES BENZ 300SL 500SL 600SL SL320 SL500 SL550 SL600 SL55 SL63 SL65 SILVER ARROW CONVERTIBLE Alloy Wheels Mercedes Benz OE OEM Original Factory Aluminum Wheels Philadelphia PA NJ DE NY MD CT VA MA OH DC NC Factory Orig

But they have dif codes, not the factory part number i guess

0-01 SL500/SL600 H 65228 18x8.5 AMG Soft 5 Spoke 1294011702 129 CH SILVER MCD LIP FRONT
00-01 SL500/SL600 H 65229 18x9.5 AMG Soft 5 Spoke 1294011802 129 CH SILVER, MCD LIP REAR
Yeah, that wheel design is also beautiful, i think the bolted is the SL73 style.

Sadly I am in Brazil and the 129 is very very rare here cuz at the time you could buy 3 middle-class homes for the price of one SL (in the 90s US$250,000 after taxes), so specially after the SLK and the CLK cabrio came out in 97/98 (US$100-150,000 after taxes) not too many crazy MB buyers went for the SL... maybe 98-2002 you`d find less than 10 cars for a country of 200mil that is the 6th largest economy in the world, rare indeed.

91-97: I don`t think you have more than 200 SLs here, i can assure you none of them had this wheel.

About the keys they could have cut costs on the phase II after 95/96, i guess they did it to the W140 too thats why I asked. I`ll try to get the 97 manual. Thank you!!!
Well the only manual I could find is a 2000, page 28, down to 3 keys, 2 flip and a valet.

So 95-99 still a mistery.

Brazil has a very closed market regarding consumer products, specially cars, we produce 3mil vehicles year, apparently we are 4th largest car market, imports are taxed at 100-150%. But even civic and corollas made here cost US$45,000 and are consired successful and educated people's car.

If you try to educate anyone about the intl car market and explain that civics/corollas are teenage cars abroad they'll just say you are spoiled and a dreamer... I live in a car nightmare!

129 here have asking price of US$35,000 upwards, no matter the condition engine, miles etc...

Any convertible 107, 170 and etc will be US$25,000+ including 95 Mustangs, Sebrings, 3ers...
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