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How many convertibles does MB make?

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I do not see many CLK coupes and convertibles on the road, even here in So. Cal. Does anyone know how many CLK coupes and convertibles are sold in the US each year? Or how many are made in total?
Does anyone have a number on how many 2003 convertibles will be made this year considering the 2004 will be out soon?
Looking forward to my delivery in April...[:)]
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I wouldn't be....

grabbing my hat just yet. Are you talking about a W209 convertible? I don't think you're going to see any April deliveries of that car...probably not till at least July or so. The car hasn't even had its worldwide debut yet, won't come until Geneva. I'm waiting too, as I'm #1 in a small market dealer; but I'll tell you, the car is going to have to go a long way to be better than the W208 convertible. So far, it hasn't shown me. But I look forward to finding out...

Hello. I am talking about the W208, I was wondering how many MB makes each year, and with the 2003 W208 only going for a partial production run, I was wondering how many might be made as 2003 models.
I have 2003 CLK430 W208 on order for the April delivery, did not want to miss out on the classic styling of this car. I like the "spy" pictures of the W209 but I REALLY like the W208.
Good Question

I asked the same question when I purchased my 2002. The dealer looked at me as if I had two heads. You would think that this would be the type of information that a car company would keep, and that MB drivers (in particular) would be interested in knowing this.
A LOT of Cabrio's despite your location. Now Cab CLK55's are rare (only 800 of those 2002 ...

A LOT of Cabrio's despite your location. Now Cab CLK55's are rare (only 800 of those 2002 models).

From AMG-owners club online...
- CLKs produced in total: 230.000+ (110.000 Convertibles)
- 40% of all AMGs built in 2002 went to the US
- # of AMGs produced in 2001: 18.700
- # CLK 55s produced in 2001: 2.000
- # CLK 55s produced in 2000: 1.500
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