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Long story short. Some idiot keyed my whole black 04 E320. I got it repainted by the dealer. How long do I have to wait to wax my car since it just repainted? I will clay it first. Do I need to polish it after clay? What kind of wx do you recommend?

Thank you all

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I would suggest a 90 day wait!

You can wash the car of course, but I would avoid any other action until the paint has cured fully.

When the 90 days is up, you will have to evaluate and see what you think you need! I think you could skip both the polish and clay and move straight onto a wax.

Having said that...after 90 days..take a small sandwich baggy and put it on your hand and gently run it over the paint. If it feels rough, then you might want to clay at this point. I just made a post on claying here:

If you feel you need to polish?

Polish might remove some of the rough feeling in the paint, but it will not be the cure all! Polish is really intended for swirl and cobweb and light scratch removal and I'm not sure how much of that your paint will have in the 90 day cure time?

A few polishes to consider for a new paint job are:

Meguiar's #9

Poorboys SSR1.0

Menzerna Final Polish.

All are mild with low abrasion and pretty safe for a new paint finish. They will restore and/or enhance a beautiful gloss and can be followed up by a wax after.

For wax/sealent I would suggest:

Meguiar's NXT (Actualy a sealent, but works really well on dark colors)Available in paste or liquid! Easy to use, but you must wait 20 -30 minutes after applying to the whole car before you buff it off!

Poorboys EX (Actually a sealent, but works very well on dark colors and is more durable than NXT) Available in liquid only. Easy to use, but you must wait 20 -30 minutes after applying to the whole car before you buff it off!

Pinnacle Souveran (A brilliant wax that is amazing on black cars.) Available in paste or liquid. Gives an incredible deep lustre and rich look! Easy to use!

P21S (A easy to use and great wax that will give incredible reflections off the paint.) I know of no easier wax to use than this one! Put it on..wipe it off! Silky smooth! (Do not let it haze for best rsults)

How about letting the paint cure and then evaluating at that time! Perhaps a picture or two in that time and I could suggest something best for the time and condition.

Oh just so we set the record straight...99.9% of the time we clay and then we polish! Only in 1 severe cases have I had to polish first so I could see the paint to clay
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