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1994v12 interesting food for thought.
if the front 2 small vacuum tubes are blocked, front of right side valve cover, it cuts off vacuum to that draft tube.
the draft tube is actually feeding INTO the center of block at idle, pulling fresh metered air from each throttle body.
without vacuum assist, that tube under intake, would become a plain old road draft tube c. 1962 or before.
now, draft tube pipes were then pulled off the throttle bodies completely,
and the throttle body outlet nipples capped,
and the draft tubes extended downwards to the base of oil pan,
presto, no more oil fumes in the intake manifold tract.
low pressure under the vehicle would pull the crankcase fumes out by itself,
and the mixture in the intake manifold, need not be diluted and contaminated,
with oil blowby mist.
there's good logic in a road draft tube, and no EGR.
oil in the gas causes detonation, in a gasoline engine
especially one with 10:1 and higher compression on pump gas,
like the M120.
the 2 small tiny pipes in the front right valvecover at front,
could be left open, to draw fresh outside air into the crankcase,
the road draft tube(s) pointing down,
would draw it out.
I say tube(s) because you could dispense with "T" fitting and dual tubes,
and just one run big tube straight downward,
like those big old American V8's did.
sure, it pollutes a little more,
but it's not like there's millions of W140's running around w/V12 engines in them today.
let the new cars worry about the emissions,
W140's are now an antique novelty.
tinker around, have some fun...

Interesting food for thought, please report back with how it goes!
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