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Have a '12 W221 350 BT. When the car is on a flat surface, the distance from fenderposition to the ground is on 4 wheels different. It differences somewhat in the near of 0.5-1.5 cm.
So lets say the distance is measured from a fixed edge on a fender , going straight through the hard of a rim, and ends on the surface where the wheels is standing on.
LF is 72.5
LR is 70
RR is 72
RV is 71

The surface is as mentioned 100% level both horizontal as in a straight line. Muliple measurements have been taken and on average these numers come out. (plus-minus some mm)

Im asking this because the car has an alignment issue and we cleared almost all of the other probable causes. The car has been to dealers, alignment centers aso.
Ive seen no one take the bodyheight in concidderation, nore have anyone toke the Romess meter. They just said it didnt matter.
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