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w163 02 ML500 W210 97 E50Amg w202 99 C230K w124 - need more space, time to build again
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Where's the value in this?
Or maybe the owner enjoys putting more $$ into it that what he can get out of it? 馃

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2000 ML55 sold馃槩 2013 ML500,馃榿 2015 C250 estate wagon, 1927 Dodge 4 sedan, 1929 Dodge
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Must say very original to put an Eclass front end on a ML. Would of been quite a job to accomplish that.
Can鈥檛 say I like it, sort of makes it look like a pug dog, With a Rottweiler ass.
Each to his own, that鈥檚 what makes the world go round.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts