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Hey everyone,

I'm Dean and I hope to soon be the owner of my first Mercedes.
I've got some questions about the car I'm looking at and the interweb isn't divulging much, so, here I B.
...some things about me...
I live in the PNW, where I've resided since I was 3 years old.
I used to be a mechanic, but I got tired of fixing everything. I worked at a bank for a while, then did some (building) security work. Currently I run a store.
I still like to talk cars. I'm also a firearms fancier (grew up hunting with my dad), and a few years ago, got into photography (although I'm cameraless at the moment). Lastly, I'm also a musician (I play the drums).
Looks like a nice place here with some good info to be shared.
Hopefully, I can contribute some.


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Welcome to Benzworld
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