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How do you replace the gear shift knob?

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How do you replace the gear shift knob for the 7 speed automatic trany?
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Shinigami - 2/23/2005 10:05 AM

The new one seems to have the knob almost completely encased in leather, except for a small bit in the middle. Maybe this is the point where one can separate the top part from the bottom one.

Seeing as lifting this piece of the central area is really simple by just placing your hand inside the leather pouch area of the shifter, and unlocking it via a press of a clip within, maybe there's a similar 'clip' procedure to the shifter.
Shinigami i've read over on Torstens boards that the unit is all one piece (gaiter and shifter knob). Once you unclip the leather gaiter, then turning the shifter knob itself removes the assembly.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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