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How do you remove power antenna

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Need to remove power antenna unit in trunk without breaking anything;
previous threads say remove but no detail.
The nylon gear is broken inside the unit but not sure how to take it out to take the cover off and remove the broken piece.
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I bought a full replacement antenna for mine right after I bought it last year because it would not go up and was up the first section all the time. After a while and some oil on it, it started working fine. But the last section stays up. I think it is bent some.
Anyhow, today I noticed it was broken, bent, this evening after coming home from work, I just broke it off (it was laying back on the trunk).
I think the boys must have hit it with a football or something and did not tell me about it for some reason!

Guess I get to use the new antenna still in the box now!


PS, seems it was hard to get to the inside due to metal structure of the body.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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