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How do you remove power antenna

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Need to remove power antenna unit in trunk without breaking anything;
previous threads say remove but no detail.
The nylon gear is broken inside the unit but not sure how to take it out to take the cover off and remove the broken piece.
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U have to do it inside the trunk. Remove the inner fabric cover and the rear light unit to expose the antenna system. I remember there is a screw bolting the bottom of the antenna and another 1or 2 Bolts holding the upper parts, remove the power plug and the antenna cable connected withe the antenna unit. You can then slide the antenna out. I suggest u order the repair pack from the antenna manufacturer rather than buying the whole replacement unit from eBay. It's easy to replace gear once you receive the repair pack. I did that more than a year ago. It's easy and the antenna still works great! Let me try to find the repair pack info and get back to you. Good luck.
Type **"hirschmann antenna gear" on eBay you will find the replacement gear, not aftermarket full unit.
Let me check if there is any online instruction and get back to you. I remember the space is very limited so it's tricky to take away the unit at the 1st time. I'm sorry as I can't move my bud to open up my own SL and take some I just had a surgery a few days ago...that's why I can keep reading this lovely site on bed now.;p
Remember to replace the black antenna grommets set. The existing one is brittle and old enough to disintegrate.
I had the antenna mast running out from the antenna system by accident but couldn't force it back in the way as mountie55 said but his steps are absolutely right and stated in wis too. I had to unscrew the antenna system from the trunk, opened up the housing and fished the mast back in place. It was pretty tricky as I had to keep the antenna motor unplugged, turned on the radio and let the antenna motor run until it stopped by itself, inserted the antenna mast tip into the housing, assembled the housing, turned off the radio and the motor rolled the full antenna back into the housing. Try mountie's steps first...
Finally got the useful link for replacing the broken gears inside the antenna motor housing, this is very similar to our cars. The gear I replaced was exactly the same:

PeachPartsWiki: Power Antenna gear replacement
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