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'86 W123 200, OM617 non-turbo, bastard 5-speed; '95 W202 C250 Diesel, OM605 non-turbo, 5-spd man
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Greetings, all

I am now the proud owner of an OM606 engine! No, it's not going into the W202. But it uses the same P/S pump and A/C compressor as my W202's OM605.

I received the engine without ancillaries, so I have purchased a 2nd-hand alternator, A/C compressor (which I may not need) and P/S pump (which I will need) to allow the fan belt to be installed. I still need a few parts before I can assemble everything and run the engine.

Thing is, I bought these in quite a messy condition from the scrap yard. I may not need them in the car. but I need them now and I don't want to damage them. So I was hoping to clean them inside and out to get rid of any possible sand ingress. I suspect (or hope, really) the P/S pump can be flushed out with ATF and acetone or similar before I put in clean ATF. But how do I clean an A/C compressor? As I said, though, I could just not use the A/C compressor if I have a shorter belt.

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