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How can I access my SL500 Engineering Mode in order to enable the DVD player function. I simply want to play MP3's and use the DVD player for movies/videos while the car is in motion. Can any one help? Thanks

2004 SL500, 2007 R350
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Don't think you can I'm afraid. You'll have to get COMAND reprog'd with an earlier version of STAR I think. From what I remember reading is you can change it through a menu but it defaults back switching off and on?
Please correct me if I'm wrong.
Don't know where you are Joseph, but in the UK there are a couple of companies who will drive to you and fix for £150 or so.

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I have gotten into the engineering mode with my SL , but since the unit is a Siemens unit , you can only change the VIDEO-IN-MOTION option using the STAR DIAG UNIT.

I tried almost every conceivable key combination to get further. Also spend many hours on the internet researching the subject .... eventually found all the details for W211 units......

Attached some details .. ....


I repeat ! I have not been able to set the TV-IN-MOTION with the key combinations!.


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Engineering Menu in Comand APS ON MERCEDES CARS
A couple of information about this mode:
It can be activate on 203's Comand by presssing at the same time and holding down for some seconds Mute +Phone Down+Serv.
On W211 the sequence is Mute + Eject + midle right softbutton
on some other units different combination may work. Try:
- MUTE + 3 + 4 +5
- Phone Down + 1 + 3 + 6
- 1+6+4+3
- mute + phone down + serv
- mute + 3 +4 +6
- mute+357
There are a lot of things you can do.
1 for all:
Go to Diagnose
Scroll down to find "Set Variant"
select the last one: (it is a Smart)
At this time swich off and extract the key. You have to wait until the MOST goes down(the instrument cluster goes off)
Insert the key and keep looking at comand screen.

If you select 251 version, you are able to find a new navigation mode named OFFROAD, very nice, with steering angle altimeter and compass, plus position.

Keep in mind that when you let most go off again, the information will return the original ones, and you losto the mod.

I am sure that is possible to lock the change and enable mp3 and dvd from this menù. look at this:

The image in the link shows a group of 3 function that are:
Dr.Dist(Driver Distraction) this function is able to avoid TV off at ten Kmh
BackDoor: Not sure of the function
RegCode: this is the item that can manage the reginal setting. You can fix the modification of your Comand version from Here.

I have found that in some version of comand holding for more than 10 seconds the following key combination while in engineering mode, you can access these functions:
* +# + Arrow on the left (in the right navigation pad)
1 +3 +Arrow on the left
1 +3 +9

on my 203 of 2005 none of these combination works.

Anyone has other informations to share?
A good stuff is the demo mode in navigation that is accessible in 203 / 2005 comand.
go to nav screen
press 5 and hold it while you press NAV again. Hold the keys until you enter in a large section of hidden function:
• Demo Mode
• Fill destination > fills "last destination memory" with examples.. in germany.
• ACLine speller > Brings up the address entry window?
• Task info > Big list of task (just info not selections).
• Version Info > A list of loads of items with sequential numbers to the left. I.e. Rbolo 1.86 (4), Rom Null??
• Gps > info on the gps readings; all results no selection.
• Sensors > Backward: Gal; 0/0 gyro ; -10 magazine 0/0
• Language > List of languages, change this to set speaking language.
• Set metrics > Speaks for itself. km,m or Miles,ft or Miles, yards
• VDR test > ?? test something I dont know??
• Calibration > Just says current map with a set option.. set just gives me error.. Yeah im stupid enough to try it.
• Map colour > Obvious gives you two extra options for night and day colours.. seem very bright to me, maybe for the visualy impaired.. hope they are not driving.
• Default country > get option Canada, hawai, US.. this doesnt change if i change language.
• Flash file status > List of DAT files XXXXX.DAT
• Start nav update > Just flashes, then back to menu???
• Version Info > comprehensive list. you can choose details on some of these and get further info of vesion; also a long number at the top superceding no.4?? not selectable.
• test spell match > brings up request param entry bar and send option??
• Most perform test >looks very interstin not had time to play. has Start, MPH, Async, Control. Tried MPH then it timed out.. maybe cos i wasnt moving??
• RTE CALC starting point > simply says destination on map and option to set.. couldnt figure it out??
• Intersection zoom > Sounds cool and obvious.. need to try it while moving


I was curious about that offroad menu, but:

When looking into engineering menu with a C-Class/CLK/B-Klass NTG2 Comand there is no menu item "Variant" in Diagnosis menu found.

Also - Why should the system loose the setting, if anything could be set in that menu part ?

Why does the ML and R-Class Comand (which is also an identical NTG2) does have the "compass" softkey upper left ex works, when pressing the nav button?

The Dr.DIST Menu can only be found in E-Class ENG Menus

Actually, having a 2006 Firmware in x211 and a 6.1 DVD in NTG2 based Comands, the softkeys to reach the ENG menu are completely removed.

Problably on can test if manipulation is possible via star diagnosis??
I believe you have the updated version of comand and it's nav unit uses the latest dvd version 6.1 (NTG-2 version)
The engineering mode is removed from now on, so you have to stick with not watching dvd's while driving!


The euro comand (211, 219, 171) software has been updated again and one of the changes has been the HOW-TO-ENTER the developers menu on the comand so that the all-known Ebay selling method is no longer usefull (yes, mercedes does know what is going on on the web).
When one figures (s)he can outsmart mercedes by uploading the older software version into the comand so that the developers menu becomes available again one will find oneself left with a USELESS comand as the comand will NO LONGER accept discs after the software DOWNDATE!!!

If you can find a shop with a tool to versioncode the comand for TV & DVD in motion enabling, they can still help you out (no need to swap the EURO comand out - just get it coded), but that will cost more then a 30USD ebay guide (which only works on a limitted amount of comands anyways...but that is something that Ebay sellers usually don't bother to advertise).

Brabus ML 270CDI
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Original German Version
Habe seit einer woche nen neuen W211 mit Comand, aber bei mir funktioniert
1+3+9 und
1+3+< und
*+"Raute"+< nicht!
in den Engineermode komme ich aber rein mit
"Stumm" + "Auflegen" + "Serv"!
Gibt es da eine neueren Code für die aktuelle Software-version?

dann probier:
# + * + <
damit ging es bei mir!

der E-Mode ist der Engineering Mode (z.B. Regioncodes f. DVD-Player einstellen, MP3 an/aus, TV während der Fahrt an/aus und etliches mehr). In den kommst Du mit:
Stumm (Mute) + Auflegen + Serv
Gilt aber soweit ich weiß nur für das Comand APS.


My Translation:
Have a W211 with Comand, but the following combinations
*+"Raute"+< doe not work for me!
I get into the Engineering mode with
"mute" + "hangup" + "Serv"!
Is there a new key combination for the current Software-version?

# + * + <
That worked for me!

The E-Mode is the Engineering Mode (e,g. Regioncodes f. DVD-Player config, MP3 on/off, TV during motion on/off and much more). You can get into this mode with :
Mute + Hangup + Serv
Only works to my knowledge for Comand APS.

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More info for a R230 (SL) I found. My translation below ......

Original Verison (German)
ich habe durch Zufall in einem anderen Forum diesen Tipp bekommen und wollte ihn hier auch informieren...

Also ich habe einen SL 350 ( einer der letzten nagelneu for dem MOPF)
und Comand APS ( laut Engineering Mode von Becker )

Ich komme nun zumindest hinein und dazu drückt man MUTE + 1 + 3 ca 5. Sekunden lang...

Jetzt bin ich alles durch und ich weiss nicht ob man von hier aus bereits das DVD freischalten kann, oder ob ich noch in das Dr. Inst. Menü ( was immer das ist ) rein muss... wer weiss weiter ? Drinnen bin ich ja nuun endlich :O))))
Das Menü hieß "Dr. Dist" was für Driver Disctraction - Ablenkung des Fahrers steht. Dieses Menü gab es bei alten Softwareversionen im W211/219/171.

Eine Freischaltung beim W220 / R230 ist schon immer nur per Tester möglich.

Alle COMAND-Modelle außer NTG-2 (A/B/C>04/CLK>04/ML>05/R/GL) inkl. der neuen S-Klasse W221 schalte ich auf Anfrage gerne frei, bei Interesse einfach PN an mich.

Ich hab jetzt den code es ist 1 -- 6 -- 8 Jetzt hab ich noch ein anderes Problem!
Wenn Du meine Bilder anschaust siehst Du das da bei Dr Dist und bei Backd keine einstellungen sind.
Liegt das an der SW Version?

Im Engineering kommt nach der zweiten Kombination Dr.Dist und Reg.Code oben rechts.Mit den Displaytasten(rechts vom display) kann man diese Menüs anwählen und dann entsprechend die Einstellungen vornehmen.

my Translation (English)
by chance I got a tip in another forum and would like to share it with you all.

Ok . I have a SL350 (on of the last models prior to the facelift) and Comand APS ( according to Engineering mode manufactured by Becker)

*** According to my info the pre-facelift models in 2003 have Becker Comand Units (the SL's with the wood trim completly surrounding the comand unit) , the my2004+ SL's have Siemens NTG-2 Comand Units. *****

At least I get into the E-Mode with the key sequence Mute + 1 + 3 pressed approx 5 Sec.

Now I've tried all combinations and am not sure if your can activate the TV-IN -MOTION from here , or if you need to access the Dr. Inst Menu fiirst. (whatever that menu might mean)

The menu is called "Dr. Dist" and mean Driver Distraction. This menu was in older software versions of vehicles W211/219/171.

To lift the restriction (turn the tv-in-motion off) for vehicles W220 / R230 was always only possible using the diag (Mercedes Star Diag or compatible).

For all Comand Models with the exception of NTG-2 (Klasses A/B/C after my 04, CLK after my 04, ML after my 05, R/GL) including the new S-Class W221 I am able to switch . If interested pleas email me (***** AGAIN DO NOT PESTER ME WHO/WHERE/WHY , I CAN'T REMEMBER WHERE I GOT THIS ****


I have got it now .... sequence is 1 -- 6 -- 8. Now I have another problem!
Looking at my pics you can see there are no settings for the Dr. Dist and Backd menus. Is this as a resutl of the software verison?

In the Engineering mode after the second combination is displayed on the top right hand side the menu items Dr. Dist & Reg. Code.

Using the Display buttons (on the right hand side of the display) you can choose these menus, then make the approriate changes.

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HI Guys,
I've just got brand new E350 Avangarde model. I have tried to get into Engineering Menu using recomendations for older models but nothing seems to work.
Does anyone know how can I access this menu to enable video in motion mode in brand new E350? Please note it is UK model as I 'm in Britain.
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