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How bad is Mercedes reliability, really?

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I've heard so many horror stories about Mercedes reliability, and CR has of course not been kind.

But how large is the difference between Mercedes and competing vehicles, really?

I suspect that the difference, on average, is less than many people think. There's not much distance between CR's dots--about 0.03 problems per car for a 2006 model--and forums like this one make problems seem much more common than they actually are.

In late 2005 I started conducting my own reliability research. I'm reporting absolute stats like "times in the shop" that will make the differences between cars much clearer. Relative ratings obscure too much--how large is the difference between "better than average" and "worse than average"? I’ll also be updating results four times a year, so there will be information on new models sooner.

I'd like to provide this information on Mercedes models, but so far too few owners have signed up. I have far more owners for competing makes.

To encourage participation, panel members will receive full access to the results free of charge.

Details: Vehicle reliability research

Comments, questions, and suggestions welcome.
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People expect more out of a Mercedes than they do an average car because they cost so much more. For instance, a Dodge truck that runs like shit but is, otherwise, reliable will be viewed as a 'decent' vehicle. Buy a Mercedes that has the same problem, it's a piece of sh^t. That being said, they are much less reliable than the '80's and early '90's models, which were built like tanks. If my friend ever decides to get rid of his 91 300SE SWB sedan, I'm snatching it up because it is a beautiful car and drives like a dream.
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