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Hot question!!!Need as many replies as possible!

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Just came back from my mechanic.The guy has a '96 S500 with 83Kmi for sale for just 10K.The reason why so cheap(well at least cheap for my area) is beacause the car is euro spec.It's been converted legal to US stands.I know it's a lot of car for the money but I'm kinda scared for the big engine and big car.So what should I do?The mechanic says the car checked out perfect-needs nothing,so the main question is "What kind of problems should I expect from this car" and "are they worth of owning?" He says they almost trouble free...
So I'm waiting for your opinions.
P.S.I'll double post in W140 forum
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hi, i also have a w140 with the 320 engine and they are truly awesome cars. But at some point most things will break and will cost alot to fix. the engines are not known for being problematic, and the 4-speed autos are long lasting, the electronic 5-speeds have more issues at higher miles. If you do buy it you will LOVE the car, just keep some money in savings for repairs
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