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Well the mouth-breathing ,brown-shirted ape-like thugs at UPS brought me a little prezzy yesterday. The box literally had about 45 "fragile" stickers pasted all over it. If you look at the corners of the box, you can see they must have dragged the carbon fiber hood along the floor and boogered up the corners. They want to pick it up and inspect it and blah blah blah. I'm thinking since those corners will be painted anyway, I'll just fix it with some fiberglass resin and respray it. Have you ever had a used item damaged by them and what was the outcome? If it was brand new, hell yeah I would return it but since it's used, I think it'll just get shuffled around and nothing done while I wait 6 months to get it back.

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Ouch!!! That's horrible. You might be right though. I don't see UPS being your friend on this one and helping you out in a timely manner. I guess it just depends on if you can wait. Obviously the pictures tell the story and I'm not sure how they can fight you too long on this.
I'm sure they won't give you an answer, but you could always at least try and get a timetable of a decision out of them.
I think I'd stay away from the hood pins on a Benz.
Seriously man........the sh*t you do is ridiculous. Yes....I am drunk by the way. :D
Since I really don't remember posting about the hood last night, I'll say it again. That is going to look great on your car. Great job!'ve had a few days. Why isn't this hood on your car yet with pictures???????
Very nice. Can't wait to see that go on.
1 - 7 of 38 Posts
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