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Well the mouth-breathing ,brown-shirted ape-like thugs at UPS brought me a little prezzy yesterday. The box literally had about 45 "fragile" stickers pasted all over it. If you look at the corners of the box, you can see they must have dragged the carbon fiber hood along the floor and boogered up the corners. They want to pick it up and inspect it and blah blah blah. I'm thinking since those corners will be painted anyway, I'll just fix it with some fiberglass resin and respray it. Have you ever had a used item damaged by them and what was the outcome? If it was brand new, hell yeah I would return it but since it's used, I think it'll just get shuffled around and nothing done while I wait 6 months to get it back.

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jimmyp19 said:
kickem in the ass.....thats bullshit!!!

is it possible it was like that before being shipped???

just a thought!
You know, I don't want to think that he would be an asshat and sell something like that without disclosing it but who knows. I looked inside the box for paint and cf shards and found nothing. The only thing for sure is on those corners, the box was totally shredded.
I did file a claim with them and they want to pick it up. I would like to get it fixed and just bill the f*ckers but I bet they will just wash their hands of it and call it an act of God or some lame b.s.
That's the thing. I only paid $250 plus $80 shipping from a guy on MBWorld. What do you think they would do to resolve the issue and do you feel it is worth it? You can see the damage on the box but if it is used I'm afraid they'll just say it was already like that or just refund the $250 which leaves me without a hood.
blackbenzz said:
If you're gonna paint that part just repair it. Ive talked to vipclk320 several times on the phone and he seems legit. UPS will just gve you the runaround. I had the same problem with my eisenmann exhaust. UPS wante dto pick it up and send it back to the sender. I was like f*ck no, then the sender gets the part AND my money. SO I got stuck with a lsight ly damaged exhaust that noone seems to be able to repair.
Agreed. VIP is a most decent individual. Like I said, it was obvious that they dragged the shit out of this poor box, but I aint' wiggin', I'm just gonna hone my body work skills.
BB, the hood is made by VIS and they suggest that the hood should have hood pins. Now I know that ain't MB style, but you know my love for '60's muscle.............whattya think?

btw, what's wrong with the exhaust?
jtbeche said:
I think I'd stay away from the hood pins on a Benz.
MB Snob!! :p
Ok, no hood pins. It's coming along nicely.

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Well it looks that shiny because it's wet. I'll give it 3 clear coats when the weather allows (raining now). BB how does yours fit? There is definitely a gap on the driver side so I may have to shim it over with some washers.
bs00clk said:
Hey TK, I remember when I posted pics of my CF interior you said you really didn't like CF, now you got the hood...whassup?
I guess I'm a lying sack of shit. :D
Are you sure that was me? 'cuz I even tried to do mine up with cf but I bought the wrong one (too thick) and abandoned the idea. Since then I found a good source for pliable cf but it's expensive. A small sheet cost me 65 bucks and I'm gonna cover the euro plate spot on my bumper to mimic the hood.
My clear coating skills are not up to par. I can paint like a madman but 3 attempts have failed so far. I'll have to take it to my buddies shop.
Wheeeee! I bought myself a new gravity fed spray gun. Maybe this weekend.

Second coat is still wet and I'm gonna give it another:

I've learned one thing in life, you're only as good as your spray gun:

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blackbenzz said:
Looks good, want to paint my car?
I need to get a junker to practice on. I got a little orange peel on my 5th coat but not so bad. There is a funky green color that they used on the early 60's SL's that I would love to paint my car. I wish I could find it now. It was an advertisement for some kind of garage flooring and the guy had it in his garage. Outrageous color.
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