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Well the mouth-breathing ,brown-shirted ape-like thugs at UPS brought me a little prezzy yesterday. The box literally had about 45 "fragile" stickers pasted all over it. If you look at the corners of the box, you can see they must have dragged the carbon fiber hood along the floor and boogered up the corners. They want to pick it up and inspect it and blah blah blah. I'm thinking since those corners will be painted anyway, I'll just fix it with some fiberglass resin and respray it. Have you ever had a used item damaged by them and what was the outcome? If it was brand new, hell yeah I would return it but since it's used, I think it'll just get shuffled around and nothing done while I wait 6 months to get it back.

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If you're gonna paint that part just repair it. Ive talked to vipclk320 several times on the phone and he seems legit. UPS will just gve you the runaround. I had the same problem with my eisenmann exhaust. UPS wante dto pick it up and send it back to the sender. I was like f*ck no, then the sender gets the part AND my money. SO I got stuck with a lsight ly damaged exhaust that noone seems to be able to repair.
If you like hood pins then do it! I personally didnt want them but to each his own. The tips on my exhaust are slightly dented. Cant tell unless you get up close but still.
WOW! Looks perfect! Great work! Did you just sand off the paint and the clearcoat was still underneath without being scratched. PUT IT ON THE CAR! Im getting mine painted next week and need to decide what design I want or if I should just paint the whole thing. I think you should have left more paint on to cover everything except the "bulge"
Mine didnt fit right so I adjusted the fenders and everything is fine now.
1 - 5 of 38 Posts
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