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Hood will not latch with release lever installed

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After replacing my steering column boot (to reduce the road noise in the cabin) and reassembling; I noticed that my hood will no longer latch.

The hood latched fine before, now it doesn't.

If I unscrew the hood release lever under the steering wheel, the hood will latch properly. As soon as I screw the lever in, the hood will not latch.

My thought is that somehow, when the lever is screwed into the dash, the hood release cable must be under enough tension that the latches remain slightly open. Without being screwed in, the tension on the latch is released, and the hood latches correctly.

I cleaned and lubricated the latches, but that hasn't made a difference.

Any ideas? Thanks,

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I ended up successfully fixing this issue by repositioning the hood release lever and screwing it in. It has a small amount of forward/backward play, and that moving it (forward, IIRC) made the difference to allow the cable to release.
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