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Hood Pad

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I just got in a new hood pad from Autohaus AZ. What kind of adhesive should I use to stick it up there?
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Where would i get that at, I checked Lowes and Home Depot's website nothing listed :(
what bout rubber cement or white glue?? jk try to go to staples they might have the 3M
lol Originally i was gonna use Elmer's Non-Toxic with some of those purple glue sticks...HAHA JK..

this is the best stuff staples has looks like

dang this is gonna cost me MORE to put it up than it did to buy it!
hah i never thought of looking there.
Since when do Auto Parts stores have Auto Parts. Crafty stores touche! HAHAH

Advances Auto Parts has alot of glues.
3M Super-Trim Adhesive #8090 only. The 8080 is not the high temperature and not recommended for hood pads.
OK, I go get that tomorrow, as for the adhesive remover (to take off the old glue) i didnt see anything at Advance. I was told 3M Adhesive and Decal Remover, alas i dont know where to find that at
FWIW I placed a large cloth over the engine bay and cleaned well, getting as much off as possible, then glued the new pad on w/o remover. I’ve had no problems.
Here's the link to Performance Products that sells the 3m Super Trim Adhesive.
please keep us "posted" on the progress and how it turned out, the other weekend i stripped the rotting hood pad, now have to do the same as you! good lukc
I installed a new hood pad on my 420SEL. The old one had already been "scraped off" so I didn't have to do the removal.

I sprayed a film of 3M 90 adhesive on both surfaces (hood and pad). The stuff comes out like spiderman webbing.

2 people placed the hood pad on. Be sure you do one "dry" run (without glue) to get a feel for it. Once the 2 surfaces "mate" you don't get to adjust, slide, or remove it. It's a real commitment.

It didn't make any difference in the noise level from the driver seat.
I'll keep you all updated but i dont intend on doing anything until it warms up around here...i dont think it wise to put on the glue in this cold weather....

Performance Products Magazine said I need to use a Bug and Tar Remover to get rid of the remains of the old pad..the can is about $6 total...worth it or not?
It's ALWAYS worth it to take some add'l time and do it right.
The 3M General Adhesive Remover does a good job - put a tarp over the engine compartment and use a rag and plastic scraper to saturate & remove the old pad adhesive. It doesn't need to be "virgin" but smooth is better!
Driving the car should get the hood warm enough, but follow directions/recommendations on the can of adhesive. Spray both sides as mentioned, and give it some time to tack up. I started at the edge closer to the firewall and worked my way toward the grill, with a friend handling the opposite side.
Got my parts from Steve at - an old buddy and pro mechanic/parts supplier.
i just picked up a can of 3M Spray Adhesive Hi-Strength 90. It was the best stuff the hardware store had, the guy i asked said it should do the job...what do u think?
i just picked up a can of 3M Spray Adhesive Hi-Strength 90. It was the best stuff the hardware store had, the guy i asked said it should do the job...what do u think?

Well, here is the final update:

Got a decent day outside, so i decided to buy the glue and put in the pad. Friend of mine helped. We ended up using some stuff called "pb blaster", i've never heard of it, to get off all the old glue and excess pad, stuff worked pretty well. the fact that we had only 1 - 1" scraper to get it off with didnt expedite things too well. It was a good thing I decided to do this today, there was a spot on the hood where (i think) heat or somthing from the air filter housing touched the hood and started to heat it up. the paint was gone and the metal was exposed. Anyway, we took about 1/2" off each side of the pad, hosed it down with 3M Hi-Strength 90, hosed down the hood and presto smack em together..done!

I'll post a picture as soon as my camera battery is charged.
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