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On my 300D, the previous owner used a "wire" brush to clear the snow off the hood. This is the same owner that provided me with over $30,000 of service records since the car was new!

Anyway, when it rains, the hood looks exactly the same as the rest of the car. The owner showed the car to me when it was raining, so I didn't know what he was referring to when he said the clear coat on the hood was gone. So, therefore I'm thinking of spraying on only a clear coat.

What grit of sand paper should I sand the hood with to prepare it for clear coat? I'm thinking of starting with 800 and going to a 1000 grit, then spraying it. Any suggestions? What type of sanding tool should I use?

I plan on painting the car some day, so this is only a temporary solution. And ideas are appreciated. Thanks.
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