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2002 S500, 1993 Nissan 300zx
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My S500 did not come with manuals, and I sold my CL500, so I can not remember how to program the homelink to open my garage door.

Can someone do a quick writeup and post it here?

Thanks a ton,


2004 S500 4Matic, 2006 S350
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You can log on to and go to the service section and download an owners manual if you car is a 2000 or newer. Here is the instructions I just copied off of the manual.

Programming or reprogramming the in-
tegrated remote control
Step 1:
? Switch on ignition.
Step 2:
? If you have previously programmed an
integrated signal transmitter button
and wish to retain its programming,
proceed to step3. Otherwise, press
and hold the two outer signal transmit-
ter buttons2 and 4 and release
them only when the indicator lamp be-
gins to flash after approximately
20seconds (do not hold the button for
longer than 30seconds). This proce-
dure erases any previous settings for
all three channels and initializes the
memory. If you later wish to program a
second and/or third hand-held trans-
mitter to the remaining two signal
transmitter buttons, do not repeat this
step and begin directly with step3.Step 3:
? Hold the end of the hand-held remote
control transmitter6 of the device
you wish to train approximately2 to
5in (5cm to 12cm) away from the sur-
face of the integrated remote control
located on the interior rear view mirror,
keeping the indicator lamp1 in view.
Step 4:
? Using both hands, simultaneously
press the hand-held transmitter
button5 and the desired integrated
signal transmitter button (2, 3
or4). Do not release the buttons until
completing step 5.
The indicator lamp1 on the integrat-
ed remote control will flash, first slowly
and then rapidly.

Step 5:
? When the indicator lamp 1 flashes
rapidly, release both buttons.
Step 6:
? Press and hold the just-trained inte-
grated signal transmitter button and
observe the indicator lamp1.
If the indicator lamp1 stays on con-
stantly, programming is complete and
your device should activate when the
integrated signal transmitter button is
pressed and released.
Step 7:
? To program the remaining two buttons,
repeat the steps above starting with
step 3.
Rolling code programming
To train a garage door opener (or other roll-
ing code devices) with the rolling code fea-
ture, follow these instructions after
completing the “Programming” portion
(steps 1 through 6) of this text. (Asecond
person may make the following training
procedures quicker and easier.)
Step 8:
? Locate “training” button on the garage
door opener motor head unit.
Exact location and color of the button
may vary by garage door opener brand.
Depending on manufacturer, the “train-
ing” button may also be referred to as
“learn” or “smart” button. If there is dif-
ficulty locating the transmitting button,
refer to the garage door opener opera-
tor’s manual.
Step 9:
? Press “training” button on the garage
door opener motor head unit.
The “training light” is activated.
You have 30seconds to initiate the follow-
ing step.
Step 10:
? Firmly press, hold for two seconds and
release the programmed integrated
signal transmitter button (2, 3
The indicator lamp1 flashes the first
time the signal transmitter button is
programmed. If this button has already
been programmed, the indicator lamp
will only start flashing after 20 sec-
If the indicator lamp1 flashes rapidly
for about two seconds and then turns
to a constant light, continue with pro-
gramming steps 8 through 12 as your
garage door opener may be equipped
with the “rolling code feature”.

Step 11:
? Press, hold for two seconds and re-
lease same button a second time to
complete the training process.
Some garage door openers (or other rolling
code equipped devices) may require you to
perform this procedure a third time to
complete the training.
Step 12:
? Confirm the garage door operation by
pressing the programmed integrated
signal transmitter button (2, 3
Step 13:
? To program the remaining two buttons,
repeat the steps above starting with
step 3.
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