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Hitch Value

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i have a factory hitch for a euro w126 with mounting brackets, anybody know what these hitches sold for in the past?
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Sorry I have no idea.

But I would be insterested in buying it when you work out how much you need for it.


What would you put it on? an sec with a hitch would seem to look out of place
i know they will fit all w126 just thought it would'nt look right on a sec but beside the point i had picked it up along the way with plans to use it on my sel but an sec had come infront of me so i put my euro motor in the sec and i have no intentions of using the hitch on the coupe...ill get some pics of it and post them either later tonight or tommorow morning and ill take offers comes with the mounting brackets and hardware
only reason i say offers is because i dont know the other listings on ebay...just wanted an idea really im not looking for much specially cause i know shipping would be a killer too...

150$ + shipping
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Half a year later... we get the pictures and info:D

yea right and 5 project cars later..i was missing one of the mounts for the longest time, now after cleaning my yard out a bit i found everything
1 - 6 of 12 Posts
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