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Hit 150,000 Miles - Check Engine Light came on???

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My 1995 E320 just hit 150,000 miles and then I just noticed the Check Engine light came on. The car is running fine. Is that automatic at the mileage level?? Thank You!
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it's not automatic. chances are, your oxygen sensor needs to be replaced (the car stores error codes, so you mechanic can check for sure). not an emergency, but you should probably get it taken care of next time you visit your mechanic.
My light came on at about 75K miles on my 1995 E320 and it was the oxygen sensor. It was quickly diagnosed and fixed at the dealer, because my INDY told me they didn’t have the proper equipment to figure out the problem. As I remember, the bill came to about $400.00 US.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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