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Hey everyone how are you fellow Mercedes :) !

So I just bought a 2008 Mercedes Benz CL600. Few issues with that car that I already knew it has before buying. The front suspension is super high in the air and the check engine is on. The front suspension Mercedes says it need both valve blocks. The check engine points to a secondary air injection needing replacement which makes sense because there is some thin white smoke and loss of power. Now for the issue in which I’m questioning and wasn’t aware of.

So when you first walk to your car and open the doors you are supposed to see lights on/instrument cluster/ command center and everything else turn on. Sometimes this does not happen with this car. There is literally NO POWER everything is off until I stick the key in the ignition then BOOM all the power comes on and car starts right up. Sometimes the instrument cluster and command flickers on/off and resets when I’m in the car. When you tap and play with the ignition switch while the key is in and shake it around sometimes you’ll cause the car to reset and flicker again. This is what made the first mechanic I brought it to say it needs an ignition switch. He told me FIRST you must fix that issue before we can proceed to the check engine and suspension issue. Even though we probably know what those issues are he said tou need to fix this first. He said there are 100 different codes on and because of this switch issue it’s not letting him program and even read the codes properly. He did test the EIS and got “CONTROL UNIT N73 EIS/EZS CONTROL UNIT IS DEFECTIVE” “INTERNAL SWITCH TERMINAL 15 NOT DETECTED”

He doesn’t want to continue anything until I get that taken care of because again says that ignition switch is making everything crazy.

I don’t have having that small issue as long as the checks engine/ suspension gets fixed.

Second mechanic I brought it too put it to the computer and also got literally every computer system module was malfunctioning. They all read along the lines of UNDER VOLTAGE, LOW VOLTAGE, and just a few OVER VOLTAGE. At first they were thinking it’s the ignition switch but when all these low voltage readings came back they were saying possibly it’s the consumer battery. Literally hundreds of codes all saying low voltage.

I went back and looked at receipts for the car and both battery’s and alternator we’re repacked 30,000 miles ago. I don’t think that’s the issue.

Can a faulty ignition switch cause these electrical issues? What can this be?

Please help if anyone has any idea or some insight on this I would really appreciate it. I don’t want to jump into the ignition switch module if it’s not necessary. Also what if I just tackle the suspension and check engine light and drive as is.

Any help would be appreciated ! Thanks so much
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