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High Mileage SLK230's?

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Hello, I just joined the forums today. I am thinking about buying a used SLK230, however the ones I am looking at have around 80-100k miles on them. I work on all of my cars, however I am used to American and Japaneese cars, and this will be my first MB.

How is the reliability of these cars, and how difficult is it to obtain parts? Is Autozone going to carry most of the typical stuff, or am I going to get to know everybody at the parts counter at the dealer?

I have done a lot of searching, mostly on other forums (I just found this one today) and I see the switches occasionally go bad, but is there anything else to look for in a high mileage SLK?

Thanks in advance!
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100,145 miles

I've owned it for about the past 40,000. After working through a few kinks early on, the car has been pretty reliable. I replaced the crank sensor and the pressure sensor (MAP sensor, basically) early on during diagnose-by-replacement. I think I paid about $120 ea. for those. The mass airflow sensor commonly fails - $400 part but an easy fix. There a several on-line discount parts suppliers, and most replacement parts are at least somewhat reasonable (at least in my experience)

If you know your way around late model Asian and American cars, you'll see that the SLK not really all that different. You just have to know to look under that funny red plate to find the spark plugs and that the transmission dipstick is at the dealership, not under the silly little cap on the end of the "filler?" tube.
Excellent, thanks Mike. I used to live in MI. Lived in Rochester Hills, Went to School (MTU) in Houghton, and (MSU) in Okemos. Lived there for 22 years.

Wow that is strange re: the dipstick. The plug wires sounds like a b16 honda motor. Not too bad I guess. Beats chainging the spark plugs on my Camaro -- You have to unbolt the alternator and practically break your wrist to get one of the plugs out.

slknow, with all due respect, it boils down to price for me. I drive easily 30k+ miles a year, so a "new" car is going to be a "high mileage" car in as little as 2-1/2 years. Plus, because I know how to work on cars, labor is reeeeealy cheap :D Out here, a 98 or 99 will fetch about $17k give or take. That's with about 80k miles. If I go for a car with 40k miles, I'm easily talking $22-25k. It just ain't worth it for me. Because I refuse to make payments on my vehicles, it also makes it much easier on the piggybank when I go to buy them outright.
Promise I wont go on my rant again guys! at least today about mb quality/reliablity, lol

Personally I would avoid a high mileage slk. Anything pushing upwards of 100k is looking for problems imho. If I remember reading somepost that at 100k sc could be nearing the end of its life. And no autozone wont have parts for your slk, the dealer or online parts places are a better alternative. I am at 52k for mileage and will definitly sale the cark before I get anywhere near 100k. How much are they asking for a slk w/100k on it? If your seriously looking do a search, there is an entire list of common slk problems. A few of the most prevelent are the burning brakelight and the peeling center console.
Thanks again guys. I took a look and those are pretty nice, although it would be a drive for me to look at them. I guess it would give me an excuse to go further north than Oxnard.

I just took a look and saw a few 98's for about 17k with 40-44k miles. I guess I will prey on those until I find the right one.

Is one year better than another? Obviously, I'd probably be looking at 98, 99 and maybe 2000's. My gut says to stay away from first run production (98) but sometimes they get it right the first time...
My SLK has 75K miles, and has been very reliable in all that time. Only one or 2 minor issues, but resolved easily enough. Generally I've had good value for money from my SLK, and of course loads of fun along the way.
I would suggest that if you buy a high-mileage car, at least make sure it has a complete service history and its documented.
Good luck, and maybe see you more often on the forum.
I suggest going with 320 - should be more reliable engine in long term. No SC - less stuff to break. There was a car with 217K on it i am not sure if it was 230k or 320
Personally if i'm going to purchase any vehicle, lower the number of miles, the better. Is there something you like in a high-mileage SLK?
I have a 99 230 sport with 127,000 miles. I bought it with 77,000 on it (2 years ago) for $18,500. So far, the only problems were spark plugs and the nitrous backfire(haha). I am very happy with it and don't regret buying it ever!
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