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1987 560SL Signal Red!
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I know it's been discussed to death already, but my 87' 560sl suddenly developed a high idle in P/N after 10sec of starting the car. (in Drive, the rpm drops). just a day or two before I recharged the AC with 134a for the first time and the ac compressor started to work as I charged the car. (AC works great). Soon after (a day or two) the high idle started. Is is possible the resurrection of the AC compressors caused some electrical gremlin to cause this high idle? I checked the electric connector to the Idle control valve terminals and I don't get 12v. only 2.7. I checked he OVP and the fuse is fine, even changed to another OVP I had around. no change.
Is it the Idle speed control unit behind the glove compartment? I did wiggled it a bit and even took it apart to see if any of the circuits is damaged (none), but the idle did change a bit as I wiggled it) I even disconnected it completely while the car was idling and the idle went really higher, so it's doing something.

So the questions are:
is it Idle speed control unit ?
Is it the wires?
Is it any one of the temp sensor? (coolent/oil)

Many thanks for any help
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