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High Deposits for C32? Other AMGs? CLKs?

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I recently went to a larger dealer in the SF Bay Area to put a deposit on a C32. The salesperson told me that there were already 6 on the list, but stated that for all CLKs and AMG cars, their dealer policy was to require $5k versus the standard $1k. They were hoping to discourage people from going to multiple dealers and placing their names on 3-5 different lists and simply getting the "pick of the litter." Has anyone heard of or encountered this? Why tie up another $4000 when you don't have to?<p>Ramsay
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I'm number two on the list at Smothers European in Santa Rosa; North of SF. I have only $500 down. This dealer was the only one even willing to talk seriously about the car and take a written order. The other dealers in the area were not that interested. Even Porsche deposits aren't as high as what you're being asked for.
Thanks Bruce, the dealer in question is Autobahn Motors in Belmont. They have a document that states $5k for AMGs/CLKs and $10k the Maybach and Vision SLR which hasn't been released.<p>I ended up going to RAB in San Rafael where I happily gave $1k to be #4. Hoping for the best...<br>
That's funny in an ironic sense. Last November RAB told me they had 10+ C32 orders and didn't seem to be interested in taking mine. That's when I went to Santa Rosa.<br>
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