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High Beam keep blinking!

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Hi guys I recently having this problem of my car's High beam will keep blinking after I drive the car for awhile on road! It happends whenever at night when I turn on Auto headlights... it will sometime keep blinking high beam!!! And sometimes when I try to pull the lever to turn it off it won't go off just keep blinking or stay on High beam... I have replaced my Anti Theft Alarm (OEM BENZ) two weeks about because my alarm will suddenly goes off while driving on the road. Please give me some ideas or advise of what is causing the problems of high beam keep blinking and stay on????? Thanks!
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Ok I just did update my user info!!! Anyone can help me out about this problem?
Thanks guys! I went to shop and check... even the shop's computer cannot pull any signals or code from the ECU... is that means my AAM is screwed!!! But my locking mechanism and low beam and signal lights are still working normal... and it is really a crazy price to get this AAM replace... I wonder if there's any other choice that is cheaper???
Sorry 43sgd and yes I see your questions I have the xenon lighting and it might cause some problems since the car is getting old... shop told me big chance the AAM has problems... and it is expensive to replace because the AAM is blank and you have to reprogram it... so the cost to purchase the AAM and also find a technican to program it. And thank you for your help!
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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