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High Beam keep blinking!

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Hi guys I recently having this problem of my car's High beam will keep blinking after I drive the car for awhile on road! It happends whenever at night when I turn on Auto headlights... it will sometime keep blinking high beam!!! And sometimes when I try to pull the lever to turn it off it won't go off just keep blinking or stay on High beam... I have replaced my Anti Theft Alarm (OEM BENZ) two weeks about because my alarm will suddenly goes off while driving on the road. Please give me some ideas or advise of what is causing the problems of high beam keep blinking and stay on????? Thanks!
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Hey, I have exactly the same problem with C200 from 2002. Is that thread alive?

In addition, sometimes the horn also starts to randomly blow.
Turning the car engine off and pulling the keys out would usually stop the horn and NOT the lights. Then, when switching on, the horn starts again. And both problems are resolved only when I open the front lid, remove the air filter and disconnect the battery. It's then as per normal.

I have this problem for about 5 years now, maybe more. It's very frustrating. At least, sometimes it happens two days in a row or three times in the given month and then it could be "silent" for an year or so.
It occurred in both hot and cold periods; during the very act of driving - 5 minutes after start or 30 minutes after start; many times it also occurred some 5 to 30 minutes after turning the car off and walking away.

1. I have no xenon lights.

2. what happens with the high beams if they are not in AUTO? - which one is "AUTO"? It happened when the switch is in vertical position (0), and at the "Lights" icon (far right). I haven't tried with Gauge lights.

3. do you have any additions to the lighting system? - no.

Thank you
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OK, thank you! I thought so, but this discussion was one of the first that popped out in Google after I tried searching for my problem. Will look into the right place or post a new question there.
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