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HIDs causingCheck Engine and 5 Malfunctions

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2004 C230 Kompressor Sport

I installed a 55w 6000k HID system 2 days ago and worked fine the first day. Afterwards I was geting ESP and ABS errors and rear pad wear errors. I also couldn't pull the gear out of park. I was late for work this morning because I had to rip out the system and put the stock bulbs back in.

I did order the error code eliminators but didn't put them in till last night, whereas the above explains that didn't work out for me this morning.

One of the stock bulbs fell apart inside so I have to either get new regular bulbs temporarily or silverstars (more money I don't want to spend as the HIDs are already new)

Any advice? Once you go HID, you don't go back.
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Where did you install the HID ballasts? They are interfering with the ESP and ABS controllers. Just move/mount the ballasts away from all electronic devices.
Heh, the driver side one was mounted to the ABS unit by double sided tape (for padding) and a biga$$ ziptie.

Passenger side was mounted to the upper radiator support.

Also, do I really have to go to a dealer and "set it to xenon?" Is this an option with the 2004?
The problem is that you mounted the HID ballast on to the ABS controller/pump assembly. Move the ballast away from the ABS unit. The problem should go away.

To set the xenon=present, you would have to go to the dealer.
Can you link to any install pics? I was searching on my last 2 hours of work today for hid, hids, balast, ballast and only saw one.

As far as the xenon setting, is it mandatory or is it by preference? When it was running, it seemed to be ok.

As far as the error cancellers, I couldn't find anywhere that specified if it was always necessary, or necessary for 35w kits vs 55w kits.
Install the error code eliminator from DDM ($15 for a pair), and you will not get an error code, and you won't have to have the dealer set "Xenon present." Its also best to keep the dealer uninformed of your mods in case you have a warranty claim for electrical later on.

The error code really depends on which HID kit. Its relatively cheap to add the error elimination into the circuitry, and some kits have it built in because its good for marketing, e.g., "works for all cars including Mercedes, BMW, etc."

I have the DDM kit with error code eliminator installed, and there are no problems, and no need to get "Xenon present" set.
I reinstalled the kit yesterday morning with the error code eliminators. The passenger side is where I originally had it, on the radiator support. The driver side ballast is stuffed between the headlight and the wheel well. Drove around last night with no issues.

I did disable the constant lighting. With your set up as Xenon not present, does it operate fine on partial power with constant set on?
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