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HID Xenon kit

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Looking to buy GLK 350 soon after trying the C 300 I decided to go with the GLK. anyways I had many reasons to choose the GLK over the C class, but this is not the topic here.

I am geting a base GLK 350 4 MATIC, and it doesn't come with Xenon headlights, my last 2 cars had Xenon headlights and to me its hard to drive without them. So i am thinking of buying a HID Conversion Kit that is basically plug and play, has anyone tried that in the GLK or any modern Mercedes, did that trigger any warnings on the dash board??

this is the link for the kit that i am looking at
DOT Approved HID Xenon Conversion Kit

your inputs are appreciated
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I want to do the same on the 2009 C300. I don't know if which brand HID kit to use or is it safe to use.
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