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Everyone said OEM Bosch HID headlamps are better than HID conversion Kit. Everyone said OEM beam pattern is correct than standard Halogen-based housing. But I can tell, HID conversion Kit is almost as same as OEM, even better (if using 6000K). I agree OEM beam pattern is different than standard Halogen-based beam pattern, which HID conversion Kit output as same as standard Halogen pattern.<br> <br> Personally, I installed HID conversion Kit last month in my C230K(H7 base), which give me a lot better light. I compare my HID to my friend C43 OEM. My headlight is more brighter than OEM, and the output is bluer than OEM. In fact, HID conversion Kit is better than OEM. I compare to S-class, E-class, new C-class, BMW E36, GS430, S2000...etc. Those car are only using standard 4100 Kelvin HID bulb, thus, HID conversion Kit 6000K is better than those OEM.<br> <br> Moreover, my only recommendation is 6000 Kelvin Philips Ultinon 'Cool Power Xenon' (I use). My friend installs some other brand 6000K in his A4, but the output has some uncharacteristic 'Yellow' beam pattern. Therefore, I am not suggesting other brand. (I brought mine in autolamps-online, read the website).<br> <br> Remember, OEM Bosch HID headlamps is around $1500 and 6000 Kelvin Philips Ultinon 'Cool Power Xenon' is around $600. So there you go! I hope my suggestion can help you guys!!<br>
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