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hid screwing up car?

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so i swapped my 55w HIDs from my w201 into my w124 and it worked for a bit just had to modify the metal tangs on the HID bulbs.

then things got weird,,, all of the sudden i lost my dash light for nighttime driving, but everything else worked. then i noticed that when i turn the lights on my radio no longer dimmed but the headlights, side markers, and fog lights still work? i visually checked the fuse and it's good, any ideas except to go back regular lights? i really need the HID's for the low light conditions and high deer traffic that is around the area...
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Behind the instrument cluster there's a small red fuse. Go to the junkyard, pop out some instrument clusters and you'll find the fuse as the only red thing on the back of the cluster.

Replace that and viola.
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