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HID retro installed, got problems!!?? HELP PLZ!!!

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Hi, I just installed a set of HID retrofit on my uncle's C class. After I've done the installation <br>
the 1st problem is:<br>
The 'Check headlamp warning' won't go away on the dash board. Is there any way to get rid of it??<br>
2nd problem is:<br>
Sometimes both side of the lights go on, sometimes they keeps flicking, sometimes one side goes on & the other side off..... Do I need a set of wire harness to fix this problem.<br>
Have any one gone into the above problems?? I really need you guys help. Tkx.<br>
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What do you mean retrofit? The entire assembly or just the bulbs?
Do they use genuine MB parts or some aftermarket<br> stuff?<br> If so, 'check lamp' message won't go away until<br> current drawn by each lamp will be identical to<br> what original lamp is drawing.<br> I think that you have some kind of problem with<br> high voltage igniters. Are they MB or thirdparty?<br> <p>PSYCHOP
Hi, the Xenon retrofit I put on is the Philips Ballast & D2S bulbs. So those are not factory parts. However, it is the same thing that BMW uses. Damn the light warning signal won't go away aye?? There should be a way to work around, because if we add Xenon option when we first buy the car, MB will put on the Xenon system on. If they have to do a lot of stuff in order to put the Xenon option on, it doesn't make sense. So I guess there must be a way to fix this problem. :)<p>
This is the problem that is very normal for an aftermarket HID for Mercedes cars. The people that you bought this kit from should have told you that this might happen. Your regular lights are using about 55W of power and HID uses about 30W. Therefor you computer thinks that the light bulb is out. I also talked to MB service advisor and he did not recomend installing an aftermarket HID kit. Take care, hope this helps.<br> <br>
hey jack, i just installed the vision k2 aftermarket HID setup into my new C class and i have the same problem...however, i don't believe that my warning light system is off...i heard from some experts that you to install a relay because the current isn't fully transferring with the ignitor in your car...if you notice, turn on your lights without starting your car, everything should work is only when you turn your ignition to start is when it flickers...let me know if you figure the problem out...
I figure out the problem!! Plz read if any of u guys have the same problem

I find out that to eliminate the problem, we have to bring the car to the dealership for a reprogram. Reprogram means to reprogram the computer so that the computer will know that the car has Xenon light. Whoever has the same problem as what I had, bring the car to ur dealership & pay them for a reprogram. The lights should run fine if you do it. Hope this help.
Re: I figure out the problem!! Plz read if any of u guys have the same problem

hey jack, are u sure? my car's computer doesn't have malfunction, but the lights do flicker and one side comes on... is this because the CPU doesn't read the xenons?...also, if i turn on the lights first, then start the car, they always work...
Re: I figure out the problem!! Plz read if any of u guys have the same problem

Yup DJ, I'm sure that we have to bring the car in for reprogram. For the flicker problem, I at first thought that it flicks because of the voltage problem. I then add a set of wire harness to the car, it became worse after I installed the harness. The lights flicks like strobe lights. So the flicker problem can't be solved by adding a set of wire harness. So to solve this problem, the best way is to reprogram the computer. It is actually good for your car too because from now on your car knows that it has Xenon lights!!!!! lol
Jack has the problem been fixed after reprograming

and how much did the dealer charge you to do that?
The charge me about 100 bux Canadian, should be cheaper if u know the dealer n/m

2002 cpu reprogramming

wont this void the warrenty when they run the vin number on the car. because i have the same car with aftermarket xenon kit. im affaid of loosing the warrenty
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