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Hi, Nessa. Welcome to the forum.

Please click the User CP link and complete your BW profile re: vehicle and location as that is almost always helpful information, particularly when you're seeking advice.

Member intros is probably not the best place to ask questions about your specific car. There is a forum dedicated to your W210, you'll find it in the sedans section. At the top of that forum you'll find several help/diy stickies that will give you lots of information about your car.

If your key works but is just looking a bit worn you can rehab it. Otherwise you will have to contact a dealer for an ADDITIONAL key (you don't want a replacement). Generally speaking dealers can charge what they want, anywhere from $185 or so to over $300. You'll have to present proof of ownership to get the new key unless your dealer already knows you.

Take care and enjoy the ride,
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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