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Hi ya all...

i'm ibn ysf currently a phd candidate from swansea Uk. just recently owned a mercedes c200 kompressor manual - w203 with 01 reg. Grey colour manual .... :D

hoping to find some enthusiasts in here... loved the car as is but trying to improve the sound system and let my kids enjoy the car as well ... improving the car entertainment part as well!!! the moment still trying to remove the single cd10 unit to fit it with a double din cd20 unit. . and now looking into threads on how to remove the console and all....

have bought in dash single unit with 7" screen for my next project plus 2x7" sunvisor screen plus another 2 headrest screen (already fitted - quite straight forward really).....

these are quite easy ... the problems is to hide the cables inside the dash behind the roof cover etc.... looking forward to see how other guys have done it before.... !!!!!:p:
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