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take the slide cover off to make things easier (not needed but I found it helped...

support the door in the "half open" position... i.e. open and slid back a foot..... its very heavy and you need someone to support (I used an engine crane) so it doesn't fall off... and it needs to have something strong under it to stop it dropping...

undo bottom slide attachment.. 2 screws where the bracket screws onto the door bottom near front of door.

undo single large bolt in middle of back edge of door and slide middle support out through the hole in the back edge of door... easier if slide cover has been removed as you can slide the guide-roller arm out without scratching bodywork.

undo screws holding top roller bracket to door.

the door is off... and if not supported properly it will have crashed to the floor ( its very heavy and at this height it feels heavier still)

installation is a simple reversal of above instructions.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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