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hi...kinda new

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3 krk230...and i n00b at the w140 forum...

just wanted to share a pic of my parents recently purchased car...

1995 S500 LWB
Black on black
Heated Seats (front and rear)
OEM Mobile Phones (front and rear)
OEM CD changer
45,000 miles [:D]

I just love the car! We used to own a 1995 S320 but it got totalled in a car accident...we owned the S320 for 5 years and loved the my parents definitely wanted to replace it with another W140...and I convinced my parents to get a 500...I must say having a car with 315 hp is AMAZING! that car pulls like mad!

btw...I'm usually at R170 I drive a sunburst yellow SLK230K Sport and a black 190E...



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oh ya forgot to mention that it has electronically adjustable rear seat which is way cool! [:D]
^^ no pictures of the damage...


but here are pics of our S320...RIP [:(]

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